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New Milford Adult Education

Certification Class

High School Completion '20


with Adult Education Staff

Calendar Jan 21, 2020 at 5 pm, runs for 23 weeks

Register: By phone to schedule an appointment 860 350-6647 ext. 1170.

Completion of coursestorm information and clicking the registration button will result in a contact call from Adult Education

High School completion classes begin:

New students January 21, 2020

Returning students January 27, 2020

All students new to New Milford Adult Education or those who have not attended for two years MUST attend our 4 night orientation January 21, 22, 23, & 24, 20, 2020 from 5:00pm–9:00pm.

Students must be committed to attend class regularly, complete homework assignments weekly, participate in classroom activities and provide their own transportation to all programs . All Students have access to a Guidance Counselor for career and college planning. 

Individuals wishing to enroll in the high school diploma or GED® Test Preparation program must meet the following criteria:

• Must be at least 17 years of age or older

• Must be officially withdrawn from day school

• Must submit a copy of the official withdrawal form with parents signature for students 17 years old

• Must not have a high school diploma or a GED certificate

Please bring an official transcript from all schools in which you were enrolled, as well as a copy of your withdrawal from day school. Be prepared to take a basic Math and English test and complete admission paperwork (approximately 45 minutes long) on the day you register.

Graduation Requirements A diploma candidate must accumulate 23 credits which include the following:

English 4 credits       Science 3 credits

Math 3 credits          Social Studies* 3 credits

Voc Art 1 credit        Electives** 9 credits

*Must include 1 credit of U.S. History, .5 credit of Civics and **.25 credit of Orientation to Adult Education and ,25 of Senior Portfolio.

All students must also meet graduation standards and complete an information literacy project.

To enroll in the GED® Test Preparation program, an adult must:

Achieve a score greater than or equal to a 236 on the CASAS 80 Reading Appraisal and/or CASAS 80 Math Appraisal. 

Be 17 years of age or older AND no longer enrolled in school

Commit to the program attendance policy.

Accommodations on the GED® tests are available for qualified individuals with a documented disability. For more information, contact Christy Martin at 860-350-6647 X 1170. You may also contact Sabrina Mancini at the Connecticut State Department of Education at 860-807-2110 or

GED® is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education (ACE) and administered exclusively by GED® Testing Service LLC under license. This material is not endorsed or approved by ACE GED® Testing Service.

New Milford Adult Education is in compliance with Connecticut General Statutes Sec.10-73a and does not charge fees for registration, textbooks or materials used in mandated program areas

CNA-Certified Nurse Assistant Training


with D. Duggan

Calendar Feb 24, 2020 at 5 pm, runs for 12 weeks

This class is designed to provide knowledge and skills for students interested in the health care professioon.  The course includes 40 hours of classrom instruction in basic nursing skills,  medical terminology, and basic anatomy and physiology.  In addition, students complete a MANDATORY 60-hour clinical experience at a local nursing home.  The clinical lportion will include some Saturdays for students to experience a full shift at the nursing home.  The classroom and clinical experiences enable students to take the Connecticut State Nursing Assistant certification test at the end of the course.  Students MUST complete all coursework and clinical hours (100 hours total) to be eligible to take the State exam.  The cost of the exam ($118.00) and transportation are the responsibility of the student.  Materials are included with the course fee.  Please note: Students must be in good physical condition and possess a social security number.



with Carlos Lopez

Calendar Mar 9, 2020 at 5 pm, runs for 2 weeks

Conviértase en un Gerente Certificado de Protección de Alimentos y sea más valioso para su empleador actual o futuro o un mejor gerente para su propia operación. La seguridad alimentaria y del cliente son las principales prioridades. Muchos municipios requieren que cada operación de servicio de alimentos emplee tanto un Operador de alimentos calificado (QFO) como un suplente. Sus responsabilidades no solo incluyen la seguridad alimentaria, sino también la capacitación del personal. Aprenda a prevenir un brote de enfermedades transmitidas por alimentos en su operación mientras obtiene su certificación QFO obligatoria del estado. Esta clase fue desarrollada por la Fundación Educativa de la Asociación Nacional de Restaurantes. La finalización exitosa del curso y el examen final, administrado durante la última clase, le proporcionará una Certificación de Gerente de Protección de Alimentos y una tarjeta de identificación de billetera. La certificación está acreditada por el American National Standards Institute (ANSI) - Conferencia para la Protección de los Alimentos (CFP). El Código de Seguridad Alimentaria de CT requiere al menos un operador de alimentos certificado por establecimiento. Un libro de texto, solo para pedir prestado, estará disponible en New Milford High School antes de la clase. La tarifa de la clase incluye el examen de certificación. Requisitos: identificación válida con fotografía y compromiso de llevar el libro de texto a casa para estudiar antes de la clase. ServSafe® Manager 7th Edition se usa en clase.

Reiki Certification Bundle '20


with M.E. Foster, RN, RMT

Calendar Mar 18, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 9 weeks

The three (3) Reiki certification classes can be purchased as one unit (bundle) for the discounted price of $450, save $45.  (Bundled class pricing is contingent upon all three classes running)

Please visit individual course titles for complete class descriptions 



Payment plan available: $230 deposit plus 3 payments of $73.33, paid every two weeks.

Reiki First Degree Training '20


with M.E. Foster, RN, RMT

Calendar Mar 18, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 3 weeks

Reiki is accepted by hospitals and physical therapists locally and worldwide as a form of complementary medicine.

Awaken your healing abilities. Learn this powerful, natural healing technique that uses life energy to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and balance body, mind, emotion, and spirit. This holistic method utilizes energy flow and restores harmony and balance in the body. Learn to direct this gentle and safe energy to benefit yourself, loved ones, or pets. 

A certificate is awarded upon completion. Students must purchase manual: Reiki -The Healing Touch, First & Second Degree (spiral bound) by William Lee Rand at 

No Senior Discount Available

CPR Adult & Infant Certification Bundle


with D. Duggan

Calendar Mar 19, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 2 weeks

This certification class educates participants about the signs and symptoms of heart attack, breathing emergencies, cardiac arrest, and stroke.

Participants are CPR certified after demonstrating competent skills on resuscitation mannequins and passing a multiple choice test. Certification cards, valid for two years, are issued to passing participants.

The American Red Cross sponsored class is taught by a certified CPR instrutor. Bundled rate contingent on both classes in the package running.

Courses included in the bundle

Adult Certification Class - Thursday 3/19

Child/Infant Certification Class - Thursday 3/26


ServSafe Alcohol® Training & Certification '20


with R. Parrinello

Calendar Mar 23, 2020 at 5 pm, runs for 1 week

(Responsible Alcohol Service Training)

This ServSafe Alcohol ® Training program, developed by the National Restaurant Association, prepares bartenders, servers, hosts, bussers, valets, bouncers and all front-of-house staff to effectively and safely handle difficult situations in your operation. Certification could lower insurance costs. 

You will become familiar with alcohol laws and responsibilities, learn to evaluate intoxication levels, properly check identifications and learn proper ways to handle possible risks associated with administering alcohol. Failure to act responsibly could result in fines, imprisonment, loss of liquor license, increased insurance costs or potential loss of business. A textbook will be available in advance of class. Class fee includes Certification Exam. 


BUNDLE!  This class can be bundled with our ServSafe® Food Certification class and Allertrain for our discounted rate of $390 contingent upon all classes running.  


ServSafe® 3 class '20 Cert Bundle


with R. Parrinello

Calendar Mar 23, 2020 at 5 pm, runs for 4 weeks

ServSafe Food Safety, Allertrain and ServSafe Alcohol Training & Certifications Bundle* can be purchased as one unit for the discounted price of $390.  

*The Bundle rate is contingent upon allclasses in the package occurring.

Please see individual course titles for complete descriptions.



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